About us

SoluCharge is Quebec’s top provider of solutions for electric vehicle charging stations and an authorized distribution agent for FLO charging stations.

We are the leading provider of financial solutions to set up electric and hybrid vehicle charging stations across the province of Quebec. We work with condos, corporations and businesses wanting to offer charging stations to employees, tenants or customers. Thanks to our extensive network of certified installers, we provide quick, safe installation throughout Quebec. Our one-stop solutions include full installation, technical support and monitoring—all payable through a monthly service agreement. No purchase is required!

Charging stations are manufactured entirely in Quebec and connected to the FLO network, the Canadian leader in electric vehicle charging stations, with over 3000 charging stations across Canada.

FLO and SoluCharge make up an ideal partnership, combining the strength and efficiency of FLO products with SoluCharge’s expertise in electric charging stations.

Choose SoluCharge and FLO charging stations and plug into the country’s largest and most reliable network!