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Install electric charging stations for existing customers and to attract new ones! FLO is the largest network of electric vehicle charging stations in Canada. So, charging stations are easy to find thanks to the mobile application. It’s intuitive for all users!

Statistics show that sales of electric and hybrid plug-in vehicle are growing at a rate of 40% per year. It’s very likely that many customers want the opportunity to charge their car at a public site. Don’t let your competitors do it first—be a trailblazer!

SoluCharge ready-made solutions

Our ready-made solutions for public sites include installation, technical support and monitoring—all in a monthly service agreement. No purchase is required. In other words, we finance your project and you pay a monthly fee to use the equipment. You benefit from our maintenance services and access to our web portal operator. No need to worry if equipment breaks down, or requires repair or replacement.

FLO charging stations

We provide the best and most popular products in Canada today: FLO charging stations. FLO is the Canadian leader in electric vehicle charging stations, with over 3000 charging stations currently activated in Canada. When you install FLO electric vehicle charging stations at your business, your customers can use the mobile app and enjoy the same services as the public network.

Web portal operator

The web portal is a valuable tool: It lets the company control access to the charging stations, monitor session numbers and duration, determine power use, add new employees, compile statistical data and more.

Cost control

An administrator can choose to make users pay for charging station use or to offer this service for free. Most of the time, the service involves a fee, set by the administrator for the charging stations managed. This can be a package deal (a set price per charging session, regardless of length) or per hour (suggested set rate of $1/hr). The rate is always clearly displayed on the charging stations when not in use.

Some businesses can also offer free charging services for special events.

The SoluCharge advantage

  • Authorized agent for FLO charging stations, Canada’s most comprehensive and reliable electric charging network
  • No purchase necessary: only a single monthly payment
  • Users get the same access card as the public network, and by using the mobile app, are entitled to the same benefits
  • Easy management using the web portal operator
  • PowerLimitingTM and PowerSharingTM technologies
  • Quick installation by qualified and certified SoluCharge installers
  • 24/7 service thanks to our partnership with CAA-Quebec
  • More options and package deals available
  • SoluCharge handles it all: sales, installation, maintenance, remote monitoring and monthly invoicing

A mobile app that makes everything simpler!

All FLO charging station users can download the mobile application for iOS and Android to manage their personal account and do the following:

  • Monitor network availability and fee structures
  • Find the nearest charging station or the one closest to a given address
  • Start a charging operation
  • Remotely monitor a charging operation
  • Receive a notification when the electric vehicle is fully charged
  • And more!

Our certified installers

Our SoluCharge installers are certified, meticulous and professional. They are licensed electricians and specially selected for their skills and knowledge of the electric and hybrid plug-in vehicle industry. We install your charging stations quickly and reliably.

Unlimited growth potential with SoluCharge

We know that the demand for vehicle charging stations is growing and that the technologies involved are changing. Our PowerSharingTM technology, unique to FLO, enables us to install charging stations quickly and adapt to new infrastructure, while limiting costs.

How to get charging stations installed at public sites

  • Contact us for an evaluation.
  • One of our experts will visit the installation site to assess the project’s feasibility, and the number and type of stations that will best meet your needs.
  • We will send you a detailed quote for a service agreement, as well as an assessment of your yearly electricity costs.
  • Once you accept our quote, we proceed with the installation.
  • The service agreement is valid for five years.


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