Smart level-2 charging stations for electric vehicles

CoRe+ stations for commercial and industrial applications are perfect for locations that can provide service to a large number of electric vehicles. These stations are specifically designed for use on private property, such as workplaces, parking lots and residential complexes.

Unlimited growth potential
with SoluCharge

We know that the demand for vehicle charging stations is growing and the technologies involved are changing. Our PowerSharingTM technology, unique to FLO, enables us to install charging stations quickly and adapt to new infrastructure, while also limiting costs.


  • Robust NEMA 4X cast aluminum enclosure
  • Wall mount or pedestal configurations
  • Certified for operation in temperatures ranging from -40oC to 50oC
  • Access provided with or without authentication
  • Access provided free of charge or according to a usage fee
  • RFID card and/or mobile app based authentication and payment
  • 208V or 240V / 30A
  • Maximum output current adjustable from 6A to 30A
  • J1772 compliant universal connector
  • LED status indicator (Green: Available, White: In use)


  • Allows for minimal installation cost by sharing the same breaker with many units
  • Minimizes any increase to the building’s peak power demand (minimizing the related demand charges)
  • Can generate revenue from the charging service
  • Allows total control of service availability and usage rules
  • Complete remote management capabilities
  • Equipped with a flexible charging cable even at low temperature

What do we mean by smart charging station?

This means that the stations are part of a network that’s connected to the CSNMSTM cloud-based management server developed by FLO.

This remote-control feature allows owners to get usage data, manage charging rates, add charging stations on demand, and enable SmartGrid functions such as management of the demand charge to avoid being overcharged on their electric bill.

Charging station compatibility

Our charging stations are plug-compatible with all electric vehicles. For Tesla vehicles, only a simple adaptor is required.


Charging station for businesses and condos


Charging station for businesses
and public sites


Charging station for businesses,
condos and public sites