Dual level-2 optimized charging stations for sidewalk installation

This clever new design allows for safe installation directly on the sidewalk, thanks to retractable cables that hang in the air and not on the sidewalk. This robust charging station can charge 2 EVs simultaneously. While it’s almost 12 feet tall, it is also very slim, blending into any modern urban environment.

Like the other charging stations in the SmartTWO family, the sidewalk charger is specifically made to resist harsh environments and vandalism; its strength, durability and access-control system are essential assets for an urban environment.


  • Based on 2 SmartTWO charging stations
  • Entirely made of corrosion-proof materials
  • Certified to operate in temperature ranging from -40°C to + 50°C
  • Can be integrated to the FLO network
  • Master charging station equipped with a 3G Gateway able to network all in-range auxiliary units
  • Height optimized to minimize visual impact
  • Reliable, efficient and user-friendly cable-retrieving system


  • Extremely resistant, built to provide over 10 years of service life
  • Can be integrated to the FLO network
  • 24/7 first-line support provided by CAA
  • Can be integrated to an existing parking payment system via an API on the central server (implying non-recurrent engineering fees)
  • Automatic cable retraction after each use

What do we mean by smart charging station?

This means that the stations are part of a network that’s connected to the CSNMSTM cloud-based management server developed by FLO.

This remote-control feature allows owners to get usage data, manage charging rates, add charging stations on demand, and enable SmartGrid functions such as management of the demand charge to avoid being overcharged on their electric bill.

Charging station compatibility

Our charging stations are plug-compatible with all electric vehicles. For Tesla vehicles, only a simple adaptor is required.


Charging station for businesses and condos


Charging station for businesses
and public sites


Charging station for businesses,
condos and public sites